Team of Summer Clash 2022


These are the confirmed instructors for the Summer Workshop. We are soon updating more information about every one them and about the classes they teach. More information of NSFS teachers can be found here.

The faculty is up to changes with the COVID-19 fluctuations. See current travel restrictions on the Finnish Government website.

We are still missing information from a couple of teachers mentioned in our preliminary schedules, but will get their information added as soon as possible.

Oula Kitti (NSFS, Finland), Workshop Principal

Oula was the principal of Summer workshop previously in 2014 and 2015, and is a founding member of DCF. He is Finnish Actor, Stunt, Fight Director, and NSFS Stage Combat Instructor. He graduated as a Master of Arts in acting from Tampere University at 2004 and has since worked both as an actor and fight director in theaters all around Finland. He has taught stage combat and directed fights on stage since 2003. He is a an Honorary Fight Director at the Fight directors Canada. He was also a member of NSFS´s Research and Education board for years and NSFS representative at the Worlds comitee. Currently Oula works as an freelance stunt performer and fight director and as a resident stage combat instructor for the Helsinki Theater Academy.

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile. 

Iiro Heikkilä

Iiro Heikkilä (NSFS, Finland), Workshop Vice-Princial

Iiro Heikkilä is a chairperson and a teacher at Dramatic Combat Finland. BA of circus arts. MA of sport science. Truck driver, sport massage therapist and pyrotechnician. He is a performing artis with a dance and circus background who graduated from NSFS mentor program in 2019, and has been co-teaching with Oula for half a decade. He has been performing as a professional on stage and screen mainly in musicals and physical theater productions since 2004.

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile

Anders Jacobsson Bearded person medieval longsword wearing black

Anders Jacobsson (NSFS, Sweden)

A member of the NSFS since its inception and a graduate from the first batch of teachers, Anders is one of the “old guys” in the Society. He has performed, taught and choreographed fights since 1997 on national stages, including the Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm City Theatre and the Drottningholm Palace Theatre, as well as on film and at workshops and courses big and small. For the past eight years Anders has been the main teacher for Stage Fight STHLM, a stagefight collective with weekly training in Stockholm.  

 Current interests: Finding ways to integrate natural movement and accelerated learning concepts into stage combat. 

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile

Bo Thomas

Bo Thomas (NSFS, Denmark)

Bo Thomas is a professional stuntman, stage fight performer, actor and choreographer in both film, television, theater, shows and live reenactment and a certified teacher in stunt and stage fighting. He is also one of the few certified NSFS Fight Directors. He has, since 1985 coordinated, choreographed and performed in about 350 productions.

Bo teaches stunt, stage fight, physical performance and slapstick to actors, opera singers, ballet dancers, students and children. He performs in stunt and fight shows as well as historical weapons demonstrations for schools, institutions and medieval museums in Scandinavia and on few occasions in U.S.A. He has since taught regularly on all levels at the annual NSFS summer workshop, and as a NSFS teacher Bo has also taught at the Paddy Crean workshop in Banff, Canada.

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile

Ine Camilla in a fighting pose

Ine Camilla Bjørnsten (Norway/Iceland)

Ine Camilla Bjørnsten (b. 1977) became a teacher with the NSFS in 2003. Splitting her time between Norway and Iceland, she runs stunt- and stage fight company Áhættuatriði ehf. (Action Iceland), and is part of Arctic Action stunt team in Norway.

Ine is a fight choreographer, teaches open workshops as well as stage fight courses for theatre and film schools, and has worked as a stunt performer in feature films, shorts, TV productions and other media.

In addition to stage combat, she is a professional literary translator between Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish and Icelandic.

See her bio at NSFS teacher profile

Johannes Eilertsen

Johannes Eilertsen (NSFS, Norway)

Johannes Eilertsen is a stuntman, Circus performer, stage fight practitioner and teacher. Over the years he’s been working on several Movies and over 30 short films both as an actor, stuntman, choreographer and tech rigger. 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze from the World championship in artistic fencing. 1 gold and 1 silver from the international championship in Germany. He has been in over 50 different Plays on the stage as a Circus performer, ballet dancer, fighter and actor. Background from martial arts and Circus. On the side he works as a theatre technician and circus teacher.

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile

Jürgen Wenzel (NSFS, Sweden)

Jürgen is a freelance drama teacher, choreographer, actor, writer, and director. He has been doing stagefight since 1995, joined NSFS in 2003 and is the chairperson of Stagefight Sweden. Summer Clash 2022 will be his 10th NSFS summer workshop teaching and/or assisting. True to his passion, Jürgen approaches everything stagefight, including teaching it, from a story and character perspective.

See his bio at NSFS teacher profile

Nigel Poulton greyscale picture of a person with large beard and dark t-shirt with simple background

Nigel Poulton (SAFDi, Australia and SAFD, USA)

Nigel is an award-winning movement, fight and intimacy coordinator, SAG-AFTRA / MEAA stunt performer and actor with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a certified Intimacy Director and Coordinator with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators; a Fight Master with the Society of American Fight Directors, a Fight Director and past President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc; and an Honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. Nigel has particular expertise in kinaesthetic movement processes and combat systems, classical, historical and adaptive swordplay, and edged weapon use. He has worked internationally over the last eighteen years, is a classically trained fencer with the Martinez Academy of Arms, has trained and taught extensively in Historical European Martial Arts throughout the world, and has over 20 years experience in a variety of mainland and archipelago Asian martial systems. Nigel is also a practitioner of Vsevelod Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics system, having trained intensively with the system’s current custodian Gennadi Bogdanov.

See his full bio and credits here.

Yarid Dor

Yarit Dor (BASSC, UK)

Yarit is a Fight Director, Movement Director and Intimacy Coordinator/Director based in UK. She is a BASSC Certified Stage Combat Teacher and has been working as a Fight Director for theatre since 2015. Later she certified as an Intimacy Director & Coordinator with IDI (now IDC) and in 2019 became the first ‘Intimacy Director’ on the West End (‘Death of A Salesman’ starring Wendell Pierce). 

Her fight directing credits include shows for the West End, National Theatre, Donmar Warehouse, The Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Exchange Manchester, Young Vic and Almeida Theatre amongst others. Stage combat teaching include: Yarit is Associate Tutor at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), an Ensemble Associate Artist of The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Education Practitioner teaching on their higher education courses. Additional teaching include Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Rose Bruford College, Arts Ed, East 15 and Italia Conti Acting. In the last couple of years she’s been exploring the integration of intimacy and stage combat pedagogy and in 2020 created the Comedy Fights Toolkit® with practitioner Enric Ortuno.

 See more information about her at Personal Website.

Antti Silvennoinen black and white standing in room crossed arms

Antti Silvennoinen (Wusheng Company, Finland)

Antti Silvennoinen is a performer, director and choreographer based in Helsinki, Finland. He is the Artistic director for his own group ”Wusheng Company” which is specialized in using the traditional Peking opera (jingju in Chinese) Chinese theatre acting and movement techniques in their own productions. Antti has been performing traditional jingju and contemporary works in Finland, China, USA etc. He also directs shows for Wusheng Company that use a lot of stylized fighting and get inspiration from Martial Arts in general. Antti has also worked as a fight choreographer for other theatre groups in Finland.

Antti’s pedagogy is based on the principle of 功夫 (Gongfu) – a Chinese word meaning a skill or technique achieved after hard work during a long period of time. We are looking for flow of qi (气) so that everything we do both feels and looks easy and effortless. This process can and should be fun and enjoyable.

See more information on Wusheng Company’s Website

Antti Silvennoinen black and white standing in room crossed arms

Ville Seivo (Osuva, Finland)

Ville Seivo is a freelance actor, stage fighter, fight choreographer, and pistol instructor at Osuva Range & Training. Ville Has been working professionally as an actor since 2004, and has been doing stage fight shenanigans since 2011. He has been shooting pistol some odd 20 years, but professionally since 2020 at Osuva gun range. He has been teaching weapons handling and shooting techinque to actors and performers, both with live pistols and safety props.

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