National Organisations

The member organisations are autonomous entities that have chosen to enter a broader, Nordic/Baltic network of collaboration. They have their own boards, elected by their own general assemblies. The member organisation boards’ work include arranging workshops and/or provide training opportunities in their region, maintaining and developing communication with their members, the other member organisations and the NSFS board.


The Estonian Stage Fight Society unites Estonian actors, choreographers, teachers and enthusiasts of stage fight in Estonia. One of the society’s main purposes is to support the growth of stage fighting as an art form and thereby enrich cultural life in Estonia. Stage fighting is taught in the two main theater academies in Tallinn and Viljandi, and is considered an important acting tool. Every winter break the society arranges a national Winter Workshop. At least one foreign guest teacher is invited to  this workshop, to make sure there always is new input and inspiration flowing through the organization. This way, the continued exploration and interchanging ideas of what stage fight is as an art form is always a priority in Estonia. The Estonian Stage Fight Society is currently working on internal restructuring of the organization, looking for possibilities on how to create a stronger framework for the society.

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Stagefight Sweden is a non-profit organization with members from north to south, newcomers to founding members in all and any ages. Our main purpose is to create opportunities where one can learn stagefight whether it be for artistic purposes, a fun way of training or simply just for fun.

We strive to offer continous training and workshops for beginners as well as veterans. For more information on current activities, visit

Chairperson: Jürgen Wenzel

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Dramatic Combat Finland (former Suomen näyttämötaisteluyhdistys ry./Finlands scenkampsförening rf, or the Finnish Stagecombat Society) is the only functional society for teaching and practising stagecombat in Finland. It was founded in 2007 and has about twenty members. We have outstanding contacts with both the professional and amateur fields in theatre, circus, film and opera. Our activity spreads through Finland, focusing mainly in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Our aim is to arrange a Basic level workshop once a year and many other smaller workshops. Our main teacher is Mr. Oula Kitti, and the chairperson for the season 2017-2018 is Mr. Iiro Heikkilä.
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OFSCEN is the Norwegian organisation for stage combat (Organisasjon for scenekjempere i Norge). Main training areas are currently found in Oslo in the south and Tromsø in the North. We aim to hold both beginner and advanced courses during the course of each year. Our members are a diverse lot, from re-enactors to professional stuntmen/women and actors to students. Our members are active in circus, theatre, live performance, film, TV and Opera.

Kristoffer Jørgensen
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