How we work

The Nordic Stage Fight Society educates performers and teachers in the art of dramatic combat. We offer workshops, personal training and certification tests.

We support our students by providing educational and social environments where failure is an acclaimed and accepted part of a learning process. We strive to see the individual within the group, and support these individuals in their journey of becoming an adept performer in dramatic combat.

We support our mentor students (apprentice teachers) to become the best teacher they can be, with the skill and mindset to develop and keep developing their own, individual style of teaching the NSFS curriculum. We support our mentors by giving them our complete trust in the shaping of our future certified teachers, and thus in the shaping of our future society.

We support our teachers by providing them with a forum of fellow teachers where they can exchange ideas, inspiration, and continue to develop their individual pedagogical styles as well as dramatic combat as an art form.


© Photograph by Darina Rodionova for Dramatic Combat Finland