Kaire Russ (Estonia)

Kaire Russ (EE)

Kaire Russ

Certified NSFS teacher, fight choreographer, film director and script writer. Board member of the Estonian Stage Combat Society.
Kaire studied film and Tv directing in Madrid Escuela de Artes y Espectáculos TAI and acting in Sweden at the Acting and Collaborative Theatre in Linköping.

Kaire has plenty of experience as a stage combat instructor.
She has both fight directed in theater and fight coordinated in film. Her biggest works are “Three Musketeers” at Ugala Theatre, Estonia 2022/23, “The Beauty and the Beast” at Theater Vanemuine, Estonia 2018 and films “Black Hole” at Amrion, Estonia 2023, also assisted fights for “The Invisible Fight” at The Homeless Bob Production 2023.

Her directed and co-written TV series “Homme põgeneme” has been named as the best Estonian TV series of 2022.

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