Johannes Eilertsen (Norway)

Johannes Eilertsen (NO)

Johannes Eilertsen

Johannes Eilertsen is a stuntman, Circus performer, stage fight practitioner and teacher. Over the years he’s been working on 8 Movies and over 30 short Movies both as an actor, stuntman, choreographer and tech rigger. 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze from the World championship in artistic fencing. 1 gold and 1 silver from the international championship in Germany. He has been in 50 different Plays on the stage as a Circus performer, ballet dancer, fighter and actor. Background from martial arts. On the side he works as a theatre technician, pub owner and bouncer.

Picture of a chubby person (viking) with a brown kilt, no shirt, horned helmet, brown full beard and an axe in hand. The person stands in front of a large yellow explosion effect. Text around the viking Nordic Stage Fight Society invites you to Stage Fight Summer Workshop in Hadeland, Norway



The Nordic Stage Fight Summer Workshop will be organized on 15.7.-27.7.2024 in Hadeland, Norway