Huw Willian Reynolds (Norway)

Huw Reynolds (NO)

Huw William Reynolds

Huw William Reynolds has spent most of his life in the performing arts through music, theatre, musicals, opera, and as a stunt coordinator, tactical instructor and fight choreographer.
Huw is based in Norway, and divides his time between film work and teaching stage combat at higher education establishments, including Det Norske Teatret, Kristiania University College, and the Norwegian National Academy of the Arts.
His most recent film projects include stunt coordinating a film adaptation of Jon Nesbø’s The Hanging Sun, choreographing stunts and SWAT scenes for a Netflix series, and working as a head armourer and firearms instructor on the new TV series Headhunters.
During 2020 Huw also worked as assistant stunt coordinator on several projects under Kristoffer Jørgensen, including Storm, HBO’s Beforeigners, and the critically acclaimed film I Onde Dager. As a firearms and tactics instructor, Huw has instructed on both international films and Norwegian TV series. Recent productions he has worked with include projects for the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK, HBO, Viaplay, Netflix and Sony. When he appears onscreen, it is usually as a fight performer wielding a sword or a gun, albeit behind a mask or balaclava. He has also performed motion capture for computer games.
Huw has over 25 years of professional experience performing on stage – as part of the full time chorus at the Norwegian National Opera, with musicals in the UK, and as a fight director for the Norwegian National Opera, the Polish National Opera, and other theatres and touring productions in Norway.
He is a certified stage combat teacher with the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS), a member of the Norwegian Stunt Union, and runs Stage Combat Norway.

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