Practical Info of Summer Clash 2022

This page contains practical information which will help you plan for the workshop. There is information about travel possibilities to and from Helsinki, around the city, and the accommodation options you have. The “Training and Rest” sections contain information to help you plan your schedule. We will also keep our COVID-19 plan updated to make sure that you can make an informed decision.

In case you have any questions about any practical side of the workshop you can contact the organising team at If you have any further tips or want to point out missing information, let us know.

 See current travel restrictions on the Finnish Border Control Website.


When travelling in Helsinki, you can rent a city bike or take a bus, tram or train – or explore the city on foot. Intercity travel can be done by ferry, plane, bus or train. See further information at My Helsinki Website or Visit Finland Helsinki Website. Google Maps and Helsinki Region Transportation Services have reliable maps that you can easily use to help you navigate most forms of transportation.

Travel to and from Helsinki

There is a seaport, an airport, a bus station, and a train station in Helsinki. If you want to get out of the city, you can use buses of Matkahuolto or trains of VR, as when travelling to the city.

You can find more information about Seaport at Port of Helsinki Website. There are ships coming straight to Helsinki from at least from Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia.

The Airport can be found at Lentoasemantie 1, 01530 Vantaa. You can find more information about it on Finavia’s website. During “normal” times, there are also direct flights from most of the countries to Helsinki.

You can take a train to Helsinki from anywhere from Finland, and even from St Petersburg, Russia. You can get your train tickets from the only train company in Finland VR.

The bus station is called Kamppi. You can take buses to Helsinki from most of the large cities in Finland. It takes a little over two hours from Turku or Tampere and costs between 5 and 20 euros depending on how early you book. Bus tickets can be found collectively at Matkahuolto Website or from the websites of a specific company.

Bikes in Helsinki

Bicycle is a convenient way to move around in Helsinki once you know where the bike routes are. Use a route planner or have someone local to guide you.

Helsinki city bikes can be an easy way to have a bike readily available. You can find more information about them at the city bike website: Helsinki City Bikes. The concept is that they are parked around the city in specific bike hire stands where you can pick them up when needed, and return them to a similar stand inside half an hour. The weekly pass for the city bikes costs 10 euros.

It is also possible to take your own bike with you on most ships, and in some trains and buses. You must pre-book a bike spot for every company you travel with, and it will cost extra, but then you have your own trusty bike with you.

Public Transportation in Helsinki

If you prefer to travel by other local transportation, there is an option to buy a Travel ticket for up to 13 days. This is valid to be used in buses, subways, trams and train. This ticket costs 56 euros and allows you to travel around the centre of the city as much as you want during the two weeks.

Accommodation in Helsinki

There are three places to choose from for communal accommodation provided by us. Cheap Sleep Hostel will be our complimentary option, and rest of the places are more expensive options that you can choose for your own comfort. The price mentioned will be the price difference between the options. Please let us know if you have any special needs in terms of accommodation so we can try to accommodate them.

CHEAP SLEEP HOSTEL (free of charge, 8 places left 9.6.)
Location is 4,5 kilometers from Theater at Sturenkatu 27 B, 00510 Helsinki, Suomi, near bus stops and metro station, accessible also by city bikes. The accommodation will happen in a 18 person room with shared (bigendered) bathrooms and kitchens. More information about and pictures of Cheap Sleep Hostel Can be found here:

EURO HOSTEL (+ 150 euros, 1 place left 9.6.)
Location is 2,5 kilometers from Theater at Linnankatu 9, 00160 Helsinki, near bus and tram stops, accessible by city bikes. You will be staying at 2 person rooms with a shared (bigendered) bathroom in every floor of the building. Building has sauna and possibility to reserve breakfast (for 10 euros per morning). There is a kitchen in every other floor of the building. More information about and pictures of Euro Hostel can be found here:

HOSTEL DIANA PARK (+ 175 euros, 1 “first week only” place left 9.6.)
Location is 500 meters from Theater at Uudenmaankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki, walking is probably faster than any other way to get there. You will be staying in 6 person shared room with a kitchen and toilets shared by the whole hostel. More information about and pictures of Diana Park can be found here:

You are also welcomed to find your own accommodation from other places. As an example, Couch-surfing and AirBnB are good options to look for different accommodation options. If you need something specific, we are also happy to help you search for one.

Training and Rest

The Venue

Aleksanterin teatteri
Bulevardi 23-27
00180 Helsinki

The theatre’s website can be found here on Website and on Google Maps.

The workshop is hosted at Aleksantering Teatteri and will typically run from 9.00 to 18.00. Every day starts with a common warm-up and ends with a common cool-down and will be lead by different faculty members. These sessions will give you a variety of different additional tools which will take care of your own body and mind, and help you connect with other participants.

Check-list for gear
  • Training clothes
  • Indoor training shoes
  • Outdoor training shoes
  • Paper/pen to take notes with
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Gloves for sword work (these can be thin utility gloves from a hardware store)
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Party clothes
  • Casual clothing for different weathers
  • Personal medications
  • Personal protective gear (if you need and have kneepads as an example)
  • Your own cup for coffee/tea (let’s try to be eco-friendly!)


We will provide further information regarding the menu, once we have received everyone’s special dietary requirements and allergies and have provide these to the catering service.


During the workshop week, you will have evenings free, some shorter days and even one day off. Besides resting you might want to try a wide variety restaurants and sights in Helsinki. We will gather our recommendations here later on.

COVID-19 Guidelines

There are guidelines we must follow during the workshop, and during travel there and back.

The guidelines may make the workshop experience slightly different, or maybe they won’t affect us at all. There might be decisions about avoiding unnecessary mingling between the different training groups, avoiding some choices in choreography work, and of course recommendations to take extra care of personal hygiene. As usual, we will do our best to give you the safest, coolest and the most fun workshop experience possible.

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The Nordic Stage Fight Summer Workshop will be organized on 15.7.-27.7.2024 in Hadeland, Norway