The beginning

Teachers from the Society of American Fight Directors taught on the first Nordic stage fight summer workshop in 1992, Linköping, Sweden. During the next five years, teachers from both the American and British societies taught every summer, generously sponsored by Studiefrämjandet in Linköping.

In 1995, after deliberating with his colleagues, Peppe Östensson officially founded the Nordic Stage Fight Society. The aim was to promote safety and quality while raising the artistic level of dramatic combat in the Nordic region. The first certification tests were also held this year. The first four NSFS certified teachers graduated in 1997.


In 1998, a summer training program started in Estonia. This training program led to Estonia becoming an official member of the NSFS in 2000, thereby expanding from a Nordic to a Nordic and Baltic society.


In order to meet the demands of different countries and cultures, the NSFS was restructured to an umbrella organisation for national stage fight organisations and personal members in 2007. The board of each member organisation would serve members in their region, thereby creating a more active society with regular workshop activity in all corners of the Nordic/Baltic region.

In order to meet the growing demands on teacher expertise, an apprentice teacher program was developed in 2008. The first teacher graduated from the mentor program in 2012.


In 2010, Stage Combat Finland applied to the General Assembly for membership in the NSFS. The Finns were adopted into the society by applause.

The present

The NSFS currently houses member organisations from Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway, and personal members from around the globe. Workshop activity is mainly situated in the Nordic region and Estonia, with autonomous organisations, teachers and members working together in creating workshops and training opportunities, thus spreading awareness and raising the quality of dramatic combat in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Looking back

As a society, we started standing on the shoulders of giants, and have proceeded to find our own way. The society would not have been what it is today without certain individuals unwavering support and the collaborative efforts of every single member both past and present.