Summer Workshop – Travel Info

What to pack

  • Training clothes
  • Indoor training shoes
  • Outdoor training shoes
  • Paper/pen to take notes with
  • Gloves for sword work (these can be thin utility gloves from a hardware store)
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Casual clothing
  • Party clothes


There is a direct train line from Oslo to Hamar – straight from Oslo Airport.

The training venue is Hamar Theatre:
Strandgata 23
2317 Hamar

Hamar theatre can be found on Facebook and on Google Maps.

Accommodation (the dorm option)

We will be renting the Old Theatre-building, which lies in a quiet residential area. pleasant outside spaces and 20 minutes casual walking to get to where we’ll be training.

There are Plenty of parking spaces for cars.

It is 5-7 minutes walk to the nearest grocery store. (There are plenty of stores along the route between Disen and our training spaces.)

The dormatorium consists of one large hall which will be divided by a wall to make separate rooms for ladies and gents. We will provide beds and mattresses for everyone, the rest you will have to bring along yourself.

There are three toilets available in the building. A basic kitchen for making food, this Contains two integrated and two separate cookers, one mini-oven and one pizza-oven. NB. No dishwasher but plenty of space in the fridge.

There are washrooms with washing machines

The dining room has plenty of light and an exit to the back garden.

There is only one shower at the dorm, but there are showers at the theater where you will be training so we’ll manage.

Dormatorium på Disen Kulturveksttun

See the map to the dorm.

See the dorm website.