Pricing of Summer Clash 2021 


This page explains how the workshop prices work. If you have any questions or special wishes about prices, please let us know at

The workshop price includes

  • classes
  • lunch on training days
  • basic accommodation
  • weapon rental
  • certification fees
  • final party
  • (a workshop t-shirt if we do get a little more funding)

You can pay the workshop with the following information.


When you register you can pay the full participation fee at once, or just pay the registration part of the fee.

You can find the full participation fee in the table below. The price in the table includes the registration fee which is 80 euros, and should be paid at the registration. After you have paid for your registration, you have reserved your place in the workshop. After the registration you will be invited to the workshop mailing list and to the workshop participant group at the facebook.

To get period discounts (mega-early bird or early bird) you are expected to pay the rest of your participation fee at the end of the period. In case the workshop gets cancelled because of restrictions by the Finnish government, we will refund the whole price besides the bank transfer and currency exchange fees. If you cancel your participation for other reasons we will keep the registration fee as a service fee and refund the rest.

Dramatic Combat Finland ry
Account Number (IBAN): FI82 6601 0001 0767 36.
Reference number: 202112.
BIC CODE (for international bank transfers): AABAFI22 (Ålandsbanken)

See the two tables below for exact prices to pay. If you need an official invoice or help calculating your price, let us know.


There are basically three things that might affect the participation fee.

First, if you are a member of NSFS, you will get a discounted prices as seen in the tables below. We want you to let us know which society you are part of so we can give you this discounted price.

Second, we have two discount periods of payment. You could have registered and paid the workshop during the mega-early bird period (1.11.-31.12.2020) already and have got the best price. The early-bird period is valid during 1.1.-28.2.2021. After March 2021, you pay the full price which we will expect you to pay before 30.6.2021.

Third, there is a group discount. We want you to be safe while travelling and want you to bring all your friends with you. If you are planning on travelling in a group of four or more people, we have a special group price for you. See the exact prices in the second table below. We ask to list your travelling partners during registration for this purpose.

Prices for Solo Travellers

MEGA-early bird (finished 31.1.2020)

Early bird (valid until 28.2.2021)

Normal Price

NSFS Members

490 euros

580 euros

675 euros



550 euros

650 euros

750 euros


Prices for Travellers in Groups

MEGA-early bird (finished 31.12.2020)

Early bird (valid until 28.2.2021)

Normal Price

NSFS Members

440 euros

530 euros

630 euros



500 euros

600 euros

700 euros



There are also other options for lodging available to participants of the workshop besides the most basic one. See further details of different accommodations options at Practical Info. In a nutshell there are three other options besides the basic accommodation one. The prices are special prices for the workshop participants: they are based on deals made with the accommodation offerers and a small compensation by DCF to keep the full prices more manageable to participants.

The basic accommodation is included in the price. This option is a floor accommodation somewhere close to the training spaces. You will need your own sleeping bags and mattresses for this one, but it is included in the price.

The studio apartment with a shared kitchen costs 250 euros extra (11.-25.7.). This option is situated 4.2 kilometers from the training spaces at Turku Student Village.

The third accommodation option is at a hotel near the training spaces and costs an extra price of 300 euros (11.-25.7.). You would be staying in a shared four person hotel room. This has been cancelled due to low demand and impracticality.

It is also possible to find accommodation on your own. We would still want to know where you are planning on staying during the workshop for the sake of emergency communication. See Practical Info for further details on where to find accommodation suggestions besides the ones we offer.



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