We have 2 workshops coming up, in addition to the Summer Workshop in Estonia:

The Easter Intensive, Oslo, Monday 21st – Friday 26th March 2016

Fighting for Film workshop, Helsinki, Friday 25th – Sunday 27th of March 2016

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Easter intensive, Oslo

Monday 21 – Friday 26 March 2016

The classes on offer are:
1. Basic SINGLE RAPIER and BROADSWORD with NSFS & OFSCEN teacher Ine Camilla Bjørnsten. Single rapier & broadsword are the two most common weapons used in traditional theatre productions. Due to the similarities in weapon handling, we will use LIGHTSABERS in place of broadswords for part of this course.

2. intermediate 1: SWORD & SHIELD and QUARTERSTAFF. These two weapons require more skill than the basic level, and are transferable skills as the weapons occur in mediaeval Europe, China and Japan, to name but a few countries. It’s also relevant for the glut of post-apocalypse and fantasy films, from Lord of the rings to the Matrix.

Obi Wan/Qui Gon Ginn Vs Darth Maul special! The advanced level will be taught by NSFS teacher Bo Thomas from Denmark. Smallsword was the fastest and most deadly weapon used in duels. The lightsaber course is both fun and transferable- using a single sword-type weapon against a staff weapon, like a spear, broomstick, Bo, Jo or quarterstaff. These weapons exist in most cultures across the world and would have often found each other in battle at some point.

Price will be Kr2500 for NSFS/OFSCEN members and Kr2800 for non members.
Full price members automatically become members of OFSCEN meaning they can get discounts off NSFS/ OFSCEN/ courses for the next year.

Contact us at if interested or if you require further info.
The course is supported by Studieforbundet Kultur og Tradisjon




Are you interested in becoming an action hero? Have you ever wondered how the action on film is done? Come and join us on a expedition on action scene!

Welcome to the Fighting for Film- Workshop of the Finnish Stage Combat Society, 25.-27.3.2016, at Helsinki.

In this workshop you will study creating action through scenes of existing action films. Professional Stunt-cordinator and Cinematographer will lead you on a trip to basics of a Stunt fight in practice. The scenes will be selected based on the participants level and capability.
The course consists of study, practice, partnered filming and evaluation of the scenes.

The workshop is taught by professional Swedish stunt/ stunt-cordinator Robbert Follin and an actor/stage combat instructor Oula Kitti. Mikko Löppönen from HMC Indie is in charge of the cinematography.
The workshop doesn´t require previous experience on stage combat, stunts or martial arts.

Workshop info:

Time: 25.-27.3.2016. Starting at fri 12.00 and ending at sun 18.00 (the schedule of each group shooting will be set on the rehearsals)
Venue: Hurjaruuth, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
Hinta: 120 Euro (FSCS, NSFS or Ilmaisuverstas members 100 Euro)

Bring training shoes and gear!

Sign up until 20.3. at: