Hilde Veronika Høie (NO)


Hilde graduated from the European Film College in 2004, and continued to work in the Danish movie industry. She graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a BA in musicology and music/arts management in 2012, and has 15 years of experience working with voice. In 2014 she completed a two year education in physical acting and collaborative theatre at Linjen för Scenkonst in Linköping, Sweden, and at the same time certified as a teacher in the NSFS (mentor: Peppe Östensson).

She has worked as a director/choreographer on Zorro (High Chaparral, Sweden), a director/writer for Langsomt blir allting til (Norsk Folkehjelp, Norway), as a choreographer for among others Revolution (Ung Scen/Öst, Sweden), Kristinspelet (Sel Teaterlag, Norway) and Maridalsspillet (Oslo, Norway), and trained actors and was part of the stunt team on Tor (the Royal Danish Theatre). She has taught numerous workshops and when time permits, she takes on private students.

Hilde currently occupies her time exploring movement and voice, making music, writing, working as a voice teacher at Folkuniversitetet in Linköping, a guest teacher in dramatic combat for Høgskolen in Oslo, and as an actress in the new play “Jag är inte en våldsam person”. She is a member of the theatre network Donya in Linköping, Sweden.

Email: hildeveronika@gmail.com
Telephone: +46 (0) 707 18 43 44